by Lia
Lia Ballentine - Aura Photo 2019
My Aura // May 2019

Hi, I’m Lia!

I’m a busy lady in Austin, TX with an adventurous appetite and a serious case of wanderlust. I worked in entertainment for more than a decade as a strategic communications executive at major studios and lifestyle media brands. Today, I’m working for/on myself, focusing on following my curiosity and enthusiasm for joyful and creative living (and eating!).

My husband Brandon is an iOS developer, photographer, and homebrewer. We have a French cat named Miu-Mius, and we’re the loving parents of Otis, our pit bull and favorite furry boy who’s up in doggy heaven. I’m sure he spends all day eating steaks and digging holes. He was the best, and I miss him every day.

I’m a pianist, novice stylophonist, and melodica player who dabbles with stringed instruments and percussion on occasion. I’m a fan of old French films (“Jules et Jim” is one of my faves), new-ish French films (j’adore “Amelie”), and French street art (especially art by Jef Aérosol). I’ve also always wanted to get my private pilot license, and hopefully I’ll be able to pursue more flying lessons soon.

Other interesting things about me: My latest Myers-Briggs results show that I’m an ENFJ, although I used to be an ENFP for years. I’ve had the good fortune to meet Dolly Parton, Ira Glass, and Jeff Goldblum. (#fangirl!!!) And I’m a former reality TV star. Here’s my IMDB page. 😉😂