Introducing YUMDAY!

by Lia
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I LOVE FOOD. I love eating, cooking (er, trying to cook), discovering new food spots, and learning about food people and food culture. (Fact: I studied nutritional anthropology in college!) Food is my way of understanding the universe, and it has helped me learn more about myself over the decades.

Something that has fascinated me for the past few years is the food holiday. Isn’t great how there is a food holiday (sometimes even two or three or four) every day? To me, food holidays are not only a wonderful excuse to eat fun or interesting foods, but it’s also an excellent way to take a deep dive into food history. It satisfies my tastebuds, as well as my need to nerd out on trivia and pop culture. 🤓

I know there are a lot of food holiday calendars out there, but I wanted to carve out a piece of the Internet to pursue food holidays — and other food stories — in my own joyful way. So I did just that, and at the beginning of October, I launched YUMDAY!

With Yumday, you can make every day delicious! Yumday is an invitation to celebrate food holidays and food stories. It’s about spreading good vibes and positivity through food.

It’s a project that’s near and dear to my heart, and I hope you’ll follow along. Right now you can join us @yumdayco on social media: Yumday is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest! I also have a few more things up my sleeve for Yumday, so please stay tuned as I launch more diverse content and some digital products!

Grab your fork and spoon, tuck that napkin into your collar (this could get messy), and let’s eat together! 🎉🍽🥂

Join me @yumdayco!

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