Weekend Staple: Avocado Toast

by Lia
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Like most people, I love weekend mornings. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday and Sunday morning is to wake up late (no alarms!) and make breakfast — then eat said breakfast in my pajamas while sprawled out on the couch watching an episode of Dateline (or some kind of true crime show).

For breakfast I usually make some sort of egg dish, like a spinach or kale omelet or an egg-in-a-hole; however, if I’m feeling especially fancy and have bread and avocados on hand, I’ll make some version of avocado toast. 🥑🍞

I love adding citrus to my avocado “spread,” so for this past weekend’s toast, I mashed up one whole avocado with a handful of chopped cilantro and squeezed in the juice of half a lime. (Also, I had all of these ingredients in my refrigerator, and I needed to use them soon.) I sprinkled in some red chili flakes for heat, seasoned it with salt and pepper to taste, and after spreading the avocado mash on two pieces of toasted bread, I topped each slice with halved grape tomatoes and a fried egg. Can’t go wrong by putting an egg on top.

What I like about avocado toast is that you can make it however you’d like. You can fancy it up with eggs, bacon, veggies, and more. You can keep it simple — just avocado and that’s it. No recipe needed! Lazy-weekend-breakfast-toasts are a great exercise in creativity, and I love eating the results.

Fancy Avocado Toast 😋 // © 2019 Lia Ballentine

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