Had Kimchi. Made Pancakes.

by Lia
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I’m grateful that I have time to cook these days. Several years ago, I used to cook dinner almost every night. Then over time as work took up more hours and life became busier, cooking at home became something I did maybe once or twice a week. But now I can cook again, and being in the kitchen makes me very happy. ☺️

I’m excited about expanding my cooking repertoire, and one quick and easy recipe I found the other night was for kimchi pancakes — courtesy of Basically from Bon Appetit. I’m a kimchi fan and could probably finish a jar by myself on any given day. I love kimchi by itself, in a stew, and definitely in pancake form — so when I remembered that I had some kimchi in my fridge, I thought it’d be great to finally figure out how to make kimchi pancakes. I didn’t realize how simple it would be! You’re literally making batter and mixing in coarsely chopped kimchi. That’s it.

The recipe from Basically yields eight kimchi pancakes — each one around 4″ in diameter. This served my household of TWO perfectly. 😂 I probably could’ve eaten all eight, but I decided to share.

Each pancake takes just a couple of minutes to cook per side, so it’s very fast to make. I think this would be a great snack or side dish to serve to large groups (as the recipe seems easy to scale up). And even if you’re not quick enough to snag a crispy kimchi pancake as soon as it’s out of the pan, the pancakes are just as good even if they’ve cooled a bit.

Now that I know how simple it is to make kimchi pancakes, I’m interested in making more Korean-style pancakes — like scallion pancakes and seafood pancakes and potato pancakes… the possibilities are endless. #pancakesforlife 🥞

Frying up kimchi pancakes // © 2019 Lia Ballentine
A stack of kimchi pancakes… Mmm… // © 2019 Lia Ballentine

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