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by Lia
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I went to San Francisco in late July, and moments after landing at SFO, I headed to Bryr Studio. I’ve been obsessed with Bryr clogs for some time now and have always wanted to visit the workshop to see how their clogs are made — and to order a custom pair for myself, of course. 😉 So I zipped over to the Dogpatch district and walked into the sunny Bryr studio (a.k.a. clog heaven!), where I got the warmest greeting and an exciting invitation to try on all the clog styles available. Which I did!

First, the space has major “hygge” vibes. It’s cozy and comfy, and from the showroom you can see into part of Bryr’s open workshop area, where people are happily making somebody’s dream pair of clogs.

Second, the wall of clog heels is so delightfully overwhelming that I would absolutely create an “accent wall” in my home that is just cubbies filled with wooden clog heels. It’s amazing to see so many different clog styles on display, but it did make it difficult to choose what type of custom clog I wanted to order! (“I’ll take ALL of them, please.”)

And third, I simply love supporting female-founded businesses like Bryr. Founder Isobel Schofield has created something truly special with her modern clogs. When you go to the studio, you can feel and see all the care and attention that Isobel and her team pour into making each pair of shoes, as well as the emphasis on using exceptional materials to create high-quality clogs that will last a lifetime. ✨

Inside Bryr Studio // © 2019 Lia Ballentine

Choosing My Clogs

I tried on both of the heel heights — high and mid — and, to my surprise, I was all about the high heel, which is interesting because I’m not a high heel person. I can barely balance on kitten heels. But the Bryr high heel, which is 3.25″ with a 1″ platform in front (vs. the mid heel at 2.25″ high, also with the 1″ platform) felt so comfortable and was incredibly easy to walk in. You should’ve seen me strut around the showroom in HIGH HEELS. No wobbles. Only confidence.

After I decided that the high heel was what I wanted, then it was time to figure out the style. I was thinking about going for a more classic look (at least for my FIRST order), so I tried on the Chloe and Clementine closed toe clogs. I loved them both. Then I decided to try on some strappy ones with peep toes, such as the Miranda and Emma styles, which I also really liked. It was very hard to choose!

Eventually, I found the style for me, which was classic and strappy with an open toe — the Suzie Spanish Toe Clog! It was the perfect combo of everything I was looking for in a pair of custom clogs that I could wear with just about anything. I picked the clay nubuck leather, which is beautiful and soft and an excellent neutral color (so it goes with my entire wardrobe!).

Wall of Clogs at Bryr Studio // © 2019 Lia Ballentine

Quality Craftsmanship

Because each clog is made by hand at Bryr, production time is around 30-45 days. It’s worth the wait. The craftsmanship is evident in the way the heels are carved, how the leather is attached to the wood, the security of the buckles, and even the beauty of the stamping of the Bryr name.

My Suzie Spanish Toe Clogs! // © 2019 Lia Ballentine

My New Pair! 🎉🎊😍

My clogs were delivered this week, and they’re gorgeous. Each clog is carved from a solid piece of wood, and the clay leather on my Suzie Spanish Toe Clogs looks and feels super luxurious. My feet are so lucky!

I’m very excited to start wearing my Bryr clogs. I bought them as a present to myself after I got laid off — a gift for starting my new adventure. I mean, you gotta have fabulous new shoes for walking down new paths, right? 👍

I love my Bryr clogs! // © 2019 Lia Ballentine

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