Spicy, Sizzling Tofu Stew

by Lia
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Sawtelle Japantown is the best West LA neighborhood for delicious Asian comfort food. A few months ago, I discovered Seoul House of Tofu, a homey-feeling restaurant in the corner of a small strip mall in Sawtelle that serves up traditional Korean fare and specializes in soondubu — a sizzling tofu stew served in a hot stone bowl. 


Soondubu is a Korean soft tofu stew. It’s hot and silky, and it’s an ideal comfort food that warms the body and soul. When the soup comes out, it is nearly boiling hot — so you can crack an egg into it, and the egg will cook in the bubbling stew, making the broth a little bit thicker. 

I ordered by soondubu with beef dumplings, but you can get it with kimchi or another type of meat or seafood. I also like to get mine with some extra heat because it’s not truly spicysoondubu unless you’re sweating from your temples.


Why settle for a side of rice when you can get an entire bowl of rice with veggies and beef bulgogi? This bulgogi bibimbap is the perfect pairing for the hot soondubu.

If you’re really in the mood to sweat while eating, you can get your bibimbap in a hot stone bowl, too. But I’ve learned that a great combo is regular bibimbap — cold — with the hot soondubu. It’s a good balance of temperatures, and sometimes I even like to pour soondubu broth onto my bibimbap.

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