Short Ribs and Tater Tot Poutine

by Lia
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Snacking In San Diego

Our good friends in San Diego took us to The Cork and Craft for a quick drink and a small bite to eat after an afternoon of hiking. The intention was to grab a beer, a glass of wine, and some appetizers, then head back home to Los Angeles. But as soon as we looked at the menu, the “snack” turned into a full dinner. I should’ve expected that to happen.

I ordered two dishes: braised short ribs and tater tot poutine. No doubt I was in a “short rib” type of mood.

The braised short ribs were served on top of a garlicky potato purée and green and white asparagus, with a rich demi-glace that deepened the savoriness of the ribs. The short ribs were so juicy and tender that each bite melted in my mouth. Although you could say that this was more of a classic dish — there was nothing new about this combination or the cooking style — it was executed very well; and plated beautifully, I might add.

And as for that tater tot poutine? Talk about being out of this world! This poutine was special. The tater tots were perfectly crispy, and there was a generous sprinkling of cheese curds throughout the dish. They weren’t holding back. A rich short rib gravy smothered the tots, which made the poutine extra luscious — if that’s even possible. But, I think what really pushed the poutine over the edge (in a great way!) was the sous vide egg on top. Mmm! I’m a sucker for poached eggs, and when I cut through this dish’s sous vide egg with my fork, the yolk oozed on top of the tots and mixed with the short rib gravy, taking the creaminess of the poutine to the next level.

I’m looking forward to heading back to The Cork and Craft again soon. It’s a gorgeous, laid-back restaurant that shares its space with a brewery and winery; and while I truly enjoyed the glass of Abnormal Wine I had with dinner, The Cork and Craft’s tater tot poutine really stole the show — and my tastebuds. 

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