Project Poké: Home of the Sushi Donut

by Lia
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Prayers Answered

I love sushi. I love poké. And I love donuts. So when I discovered Project Poké in Orange County, I realized that my prayers were answered because they serve… drumroll… SUSHI DONUTS!

I mean, hello! It’s sushi that’s shaped like a donut. But it’s also more than that. The salmon sushi donut that I ordered (pictured) was also stuffed with spicy tuna. That’s right. Inside the ring of rice was a filling of spicy tuna. And on top, in addition to the thick slices of fresh salmon, were thin slices of cucumber and cabbage, as well as a heap of bright masago.

The sushi donut is very tasty, albeit a little more difficult to eat than regular sushi. You have to take several bites, and there is a tendency for it to fall apart. Also, one sushi donut isn’t quite filling enough for someone like me, who is always hungry. So, to supplement it, I also ordered Project Poké’s crispy Spam musubi and an order of Spam fries (a.k.a. fried strips of Spam). It was a lot of Spam, for sure — but I have to admit that Spam fries are pretty amazing and totally worth the heartburn.

I don’t have any sushi donut spots near my neighborhood. But I’m hoping that as this cute food continues to gain popularity, I’ll be able to find sushi donuts a little closer to home. They’re the perfect snack, and definitely among the most adorable food I’ve ever eaten.

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