Baked Avocado and Egg

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The Breakfast of Champions

On those rare weekend mornings when I wake up early to a stocked refrigerator and pantry, I will cook myself some form of egg breakfast — like an omelette with spinach or kale, or egg-in-a-hole toast with mixed greens tossed in olive oil and lemon. Sometimes, when I’m feeling especially fancy, I’ll go as far as making poached eggs on quinoa and asparagus or even fried eggs on top of ricotta, garlic greens, bacon, and toast. 👩🏻‍🍳 #chef

But when you have avocados on the counter that are at the peak of ripeness, and a bunch of farm fresh eggs, there’s no better (and no easier) breakfast to pull together than eggs baked in avocados. 

It’s basically the same concept as the egg-in-a-hole toast — but the hole is pretty much readymade in the avocado thanks to the pit. It takes about 15 minutes to make, and the only “hard work” involved is making the hole in the avocado just a bit larger to accommodate the egg yolk. But no worries, the extra avocado you scoop out doesn’t go to waste. You can do like me and just eat it on the spot, or you can reserve it to spread on some toast to eat along with the baked egg and avocados. 

What I love about this meal, aside from being super simple to create, is that you can garnish it with whatever you want. In addition to the usual salt and pepper, I also sprinkle red chili flakes all over for some extra heat. And I’ll typically top it with herbs that I have on hand. Most of time, it’s scallions and cilantro — and you can’t go wrong with that combo. If I’m lucky enough to have fresh lemons and/or limes, I’ll squeeze some citrus on the dish as well. Mmm!

While I usually reserve breakfast and brunch-making for the weekends, this meal is so easy and quick that I’ve even been known to bake eggs and avocados during the weekday! Before work! (Say what?!) It’s creamy and filling, and eating avocados and eggs in the morning guarantees that the rest of your day will be amazing. 🥑☀️

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