When A Girl Scout Cookie Becomes a Donut

by Lia
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The Samoa Donut

Of all the Girl Scout Cookie flavors out there, I think that Samoas are the best. I feel like most people are in the Thin Mint camp, but I’ve always been on Team Samoa. (Or is it Caramel deLites now?) There’s just something about a cookie that’s covered with caramel and coconut and stripes of dark chocolate. Mmm!

Well, as I was walking past Sidecar Doughnuts recently, I noticed that one of the monthly donut flavors was “Samoa” — and as a self-proclaimed donut queen who also happens to love Samoa cookies, I just couldn’t pass this up.

I stopped in and ordered a Samoa donut, as well as a huckleberry (which is my usual donut of choice), and I absolutely loved that the Samoa donut had almost the same look as the cookie. Sidecar’s Samoa had those iconic dark chocolate stripes that crossed the top of the coconut covered donut. The coconut wasn’t toasted brown like the cookie, but was more of a coconut glaze. And when you held the donut to your nose, it smelled just like you had opened a box of Girl Scout cookies.

What was interesting about Sidecar’s take on the Samoa is that the donut was a coconut and pineapple cake. Hello! Each bite was packed with the sweetness from the coconut and pineapple cake, plus the caramel and chocolate sauces, and the coconut glaze. I’m sure I developed several new cavities after eating this one Samoa donut.

I’m crossing my fingers that Sidecar will make this one again. If you’re a Samoa cookie lover, then this is the donut of your dreams. If you’re not, well, you DONUT know what you’re missing. (I love to recycle jokes.) 

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