My Noodles Are Levitating

by Lia
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Guys, my noodles are flying!

Have I told you how much I love Smorgasburg? It’s my Sunday thing, and each time I visit, I get to eat something totally new and different. 

At a recent Smorgasburg, I hit up Workaholic for their Korean fusion food. They’re known for their amazing handcrafted mandu, which are classic Korean dumplings, as well as their japchae, another classic Korean dish made with sweet potato starch noodles. I decided to go for the japchae this time because I was in the mood for some serious noods.

You can get your japchae with beef bulgogi, spicy pork, or marinated mushrooms (a yummy vegan choice). I chose the spicy pork. And you can pick a “presentation” style for your japchae, too: (1) grounded, with all the noodles and goodies packed into the bowl; or (2) flying, with extra noodles “levitating” above the bowl. So, of course I got my japchae FLYING. 

It was so much fun to walk around Smorgasburg carrying a tray of two giant bowls of japchae with floating noodles. People stopped and stared and started asking, “Where did you get your food?” and “How are the noodles doing that???”

But after turning heads left and right, the best part was finally grabbing a picnic table and eating the flying japchae. The noodles had a hint of sweetness, and they were perfectly chewy — not sticky at all. The spicy pork packed heat, and the stir fried veggies were fragrant, garlicky, and a little saucy and provided a nice crunch against the tenderness of the meat and glass noodles. It was already a warm day, and the spicy pork and veggies, which were covered with gochujang sauce, made the mercury rise a little more. Good thing I had a pineapple mint agua fresca from a neighboring tamale stand to cool me off.

The flying japchae (and even the grounded version, I’m sure) was packed with flavor and texture. And if the japchae was that good, I’m definitely excited about going back to have Workaholic’s mandu.

Flying japchae! Photo by Brandon

Just a heads up, a bowl of flying japchae is $17. The grounded version is a couple of bucks cheaper. But this bowl is big enough to feed two people. Brandon and I probably should’ve shared a bowl; however, I was able to power through mine and ended up finishing most of the japchae. I certainly recommend this as a must-order dish from Smorgasburg. It’s so big you can share it with a friend. Plus, it’s totally made for the Insta. #eatingfortheinsta

So, how do the noodles levitate? Well, you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

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