Eggs Benedict from Bru’s Wiffle (A Waffle Joint!)

by Lia
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Not Your Typical Eggs Benny

Bru’s Wiffle is a waffle joint in Santa Monica, just up the street from my home. It’s a very popular breakfast and brunch spot — and now a popular dinner spot, too — known for its made-from-scratch dishes, perfect waffles, fried chicken, and overall inventive menu.

I started out today with brunch at Bru’s; and as much as I wanted to order one of their chicken and waffle dishes (which is highly recommended), I ended up ordering their eggs Benedict.

Traditional eggs Benedict has a foundation of two halves of an English muffin and is usually loaded up with Canadian bacon or ham, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. But at Bru’s, the English muffin is replaced with two fluffy mini waffles. Bru’s also lets you choose the protein you’d like on your eggs Benedict, so for me, I ordered the crispy chicken. And on top of the crispy chicken were two large poached eggs covered with hollandaise sauce. I also got a side order of breakfast potatoes because I didn’t have enough brown on my plate. 😂

The crispy chicken from Bru’s was perfectly fried and incredibly juicy on the inside. The waffles were perfect for sopping up the rich mixture of creamy yolk and hollandaise. It was a super filling breakfast, no doubt, and I could’ve easily settled in for a nap right after this meal.

Bru’s is a friendly spot, and it’s typically packed on weekend mornings, with lines up and down the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. In addition to outstanding waffles and eggs Benedict, they also have fantastic fresh squeezed juices, delightful French toasts that are piled high with fruits and whipped cream, and so many other yummy dishes that I can’t wait to try in the future. 

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