My Favorite Ice Cream

by Lia
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I’m not a fan of being asked what my favorite “____” is. I have so many interests, and my tastes change quite often, so it’s hard for me to say with 100 percent certainty that something/anything is my favorite. I know myself well enough to understand that if something is my favorite thing today, it probably won’t be tomorrow. 

However, I recently discovered that I do have a favorite ice cream! It took me many, many scoops of ice cream and 30+ years to determine this — but today I realized that my favorite ice cream, hands down, is Salt & Straw’s Chocolate Gooey Brownie! I can say with confidence that I could eat Chocolate Gooey Brownie ice cream every day for the rest of my life, and there would be no chance that I would get tired of it. 

Salt & Straw is an artisanal ice cream shop that was first started in Portland back in 2011. They specialize in making ice cream using local ingredients, and each month they create limited edition ice cream flavors that are based on the season or in collaboration with area food purveyors. For example, this summer they had a Strawberry Cilantro Key Lime Cheesecake ice cream that was out of this world, showcasing strawberries from Oxnard (an hour outside of Los Angeles). And currently, they have Thanksgiving flavors available. Savory flavors. This past weekend, I taste tested their Buttered Mashed Potatoes and Gravy ice cream — and it really tasted like buttery mashed potatoes and gravy. It reminded me of KFC mashed potatoes and gravy, and weirdly, it tasted great as an ice cream flavor. Here’s how Salt & Straw describes their Buttered Mashed Potatoes and Gravy:

We’ve made over 600 different flavors of ice cream, and this is hands-down the most savory one we’ve ever served. We make a potato-flavored ice cream, thanks to the real potatoes we boil down until the starch turns to sugar, and then stir in our own homemade gravy fudge made from two mashed-up recipes, pun very much intended. The result is a super-dense, super-creamy ice cream that tastes sweet and salty with hints of chocolate, coffee and yes, baked mashed potato.

I liked it, but I’m still a little shaken, to be honest. 🥔👀

But back to the Chocolate Gooey Brownie… Yes, this is my favorite ice cream of all time, and I don’t know if there’s anything that could beat this flavor. The chocolate is sweet and creamy; and sure, it’s “indulgent” and reminds me a little bit of the chocolate ganache from La Maison du Chocolat, which I once ate a jar of while walking around the Louvre in Paris — but isn’t Louvre-level indulgent the point? Of course, the best parts of the ice cream are the big chunks of gooey brownie — mixed in so evenly that you get treated to a taste/piece in each lick/bite.

So, how do they make the brownies so soft and chewy??? I’ve had chocolate brownie ice cream in many forms from many brands before, but none of them have ever had brownies that tasted like this. According to the Salt & Straw website, the secret to their brownies is homemade marshmallow fluff!

This one hits the spot when those extra-urgent chocolate desires kick in. An indulgent, almost hot-chocolatey chocolate ice cream lays the foundation for hearty chunks of chewy chocolate brownies made with homemade marshmallow fluff to keep them extra soft—even when frozen in ice cream. It’s the ultimate comfort food.

Please, could someone put homemade marshmallow fluff in all brownies and cakes?

There really isn’t a brownie ice cream like this one. The others fail because their brownies aren’t chewy or gooey. Most of the time, those ice creams have hard brownies that taste more like chunky dough pieces from chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. But not this ice cream. In fact, I wish regular brownies would taste this good. Salt & Straw has spoiled me, and I can’t settle for anything less any more.

Yes, I’ve found my perfect ice cream. Not only is the flavor on point, but the texture and consistency of the brownies elevates this ice cream to the highest levels.

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