Bigger Appetite + Bolder Adventures

by Lia
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Eating creamy chocolate gelato from Dolcenero Gelato on Main Street in Santa Monica, California.

I’m back!

I just celebrated my two-year anniversary of living in Los Angeles. Hard to believe how quickly time has flown by! There are days when I still feel completely new in town, but, for the most part, I’ve settled in quite nicely.

When I moved out here, I wanted to record and share all of my new experiences. But I realized how much I needed time to simply enjoy living in a new part of the country, adapt to a new career, and discover and savor all those exciting little things that make living in Southern California so amazing. 

Now, two years later, I’m ready to start sharing again. There’s just too much good stuff to eat, see, and do here in Los Angeles to keep to myself. My appetite is bigger than ever, and being surrounded by highly-motivated creatives in this city has inspired me to live more adventurously — and to Instagram it all! #picsoritdidnthappen


A New Name

I’m eager to start blogging again, and I’m especially excited to do it with a refreshed website. When I started nearly ten years ago, I created the site as a way to teach myself web design, promote photography and design work, attract clients for freelance book design and publishing projects, and write the occasional post about being a twenty-something creative minority woman in a small Southern town. Then, over time, as I cut down on my freelance work to start focusing on building a career in an industry that I am passionate about, I started using my blog to record more personal moments and opinions. And as the years passed, the focus of the blog also continued to evolve — and most recently it was dedicated to recording my experience as a community-supported agriculture (“CSA”) shareholder and sharing recipes and tips for cooking with seasonal produce from local farms. 

I still hold dear the posts that I wrote over those ten years on, which is why I’ve archived everything here. But I struggled with the idea of continuing to write using that domain. With so many major life changes that have happened over the past few years, I felt like it was also time for a major change to my website. So while I haven’t completely abandoned my old blog, I wanted to start fresh and truly focus on my food and travel experiences — and I wanted a new name: “Lia Eats.” 

The domain says it all. This blog is about my appetite. It’s about the food that I’m discovering and eating in my new hometown and the remarkable communities surrounding it. It’s about being hungry for travel and exploration. It’s about savoring moments, big and small. So grab a fork, put on a bib, and let’s eat! 

That feeling when you’ve just driven through a donut to order a donut. So meta!

Biting into a chocolate chip-covered donut from The Donut Hole in La Puente, California. 

Find the food!

Want more details on the food in my blog post? Check out the maps and links below.

Dolcenero Gelato

2400 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

The Donut Hole

15300 Amar Rd, La Puente, CA 91744

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