Filipino Lunch at Amboy

by Lia
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There’s a takeout window in the middle of a plaza in Chinatown serving up simple little Filipino delights! Thanks to a new friend from yoga, I got to enjoy a pretty hearty lunch at “Amboy” — a new lunch spot with classic Pinoy-style meats and veggies sautéed in adobo, all lovingly bundled up in banana leaves and ready for eating on the spot or on the go. 

I treated myself to pork belly on white rice and added some bok choy so I wouldn’t feel too guilty about eating all of that pork. I’ll do a juice cleanse later. The pork belly was good and crispy, the rice a little sticky, and I liked the bonus cup of tomato-cucumber salad. The acidity of the tomato-cucumber salad balanced out the fattiness from the pork belly just right. I chowed down on my lunch at one of the picnic tables in the middle of the plaza, and I had an ice cold calamansi juice — a.k.a. Filipino lemonade — to wash it all down. 

Amboy is only open during lunch hours right now. I’m not sure if it will end up becoming a full restaurant, and I’m not sure how long this concept will be around, but I hope I can make it back so I can try the rest of the menu.

Ang sarap! 🙂

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