Saturday Breakfast

by Lia
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I live two blocks away from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, and it’s a dream come true. I can walk to the market in five minutes, and I can shop and eat and get back to the apartment in less than an hour. And that’s including a quick walk to the beach to make my grocery list.

The past few Saturdays, I’ve gotten into this routine: (1) go to the market and check out the stands, (2) walk to the beach and make a list, (3) walk back through the market and buy my produce, and (4) get back home and make a super fresh breakfast.

My Saturday breakfast menu consists of an egg-in-a-hole (or two) and some random assortment of market greens and tomatoes tossed with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and sprinkled with fresh lemon juice. This Saturday I made an arugula and tomato salad (photo above), and last Saturday I had an arugula and kale salad with tomatoes and bacon avocado (photo below). Yep, that’s right. BACON AVOCADO.

Quick aside: Bacon avocados are the best. They’re creamier than Haas avocados, and they have this buttery texture that just melts in your mouth. Mmm!

I’m really enjoying living only a few minutes away from the market. In Tennessee, I would go to the market almost every weekend — but I had to devote a good chunk of the morning to driving to the market, shopping, driving back, and prepping my veggies. Now the market experience is so easy. Literally in less than hour I can get all my produce and come home to make breakfast, which gives me even more time on the weekends to keep exploring this new city that I’m loving. 

Update: Sunday Breakfast

I made the same thing with the addition of artichokes to the arugula and tomato salad. And because it turned out prettier, I decided to change out the cover photo with a pic of today’s (Sunday’s) breakfast plate. You know, because that’s what #foodie #bloggers do. 🙂

Here it is… my Sunday (February 7, 2016) breakfast:

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