A Fab Lunch at The Ivy

by Lia
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I was staying in Beverly Hills, and my cousin strongly suggested that I get a reservation at The Ivy. “Do a late lunch. That’s when the celebs really come out. And try to sit on the patio.” I’m glad I listened to her.

The Ivy is a charming restaurant in a cottage straight out of Anthropologie catalog and tucked in behind a white picket fence on North Robertson Boulevard, across from boutiques like Kitson and Alice & Olivia. It serves modern American cuisine on the cutest hand-painted plates, and you’re seated and served by friendly waiters with bright white teeth. The Ivy is a Los Angeles landmark, and it’s known for being a lunch and dinner fave for celebrities.

I was able to book a table (on the terrace) thanks to my OpenTable app, and when I arrived for my lunch reservation the next day, I was seated at what the host called, “The Marilyn Table.” It was at the corner of the patio, and it was the best spot to see everyone coming in and out and seated all around the restaurant.

“You can sit here and see everyone, but they can’t see you. It’s a nice spot.” And the waiter was right. 

Bobby Flay came in right after I placed my order. I wish I had seen what he had ordered because I would’ve asked for the same. And as I munched on some freshly baked bread, a group of housewives (the REAL kind) sat to my right. One was complaining that her hairstylist couldn’t make it to the house, so she had to GO somewhere to get her hair done. (I’ve been using the same Conair blowdryer for five years.)

Then my lunch arrived. I ordered one of the specials for the day: Sea bass with a lemon caper sauce, sugar snap peas, and potatoes. Mmm, mmm, mmm. 

But I didn’t stop there. I also got dessert: Homemade fresh mango sorbet with cookies. Best sorbet ever.

My meal was absolutely fab, and I really, really, really want to come back for another lunch and some cocktails. There was an Ivy gimlet on the menu, and I regret not ordering it then. Next time, right? And maybe I can even catch some more celebs (like movie stars or musicians!).

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