Yolking Around With Locally-Laid Eggs

by Lia
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I think it’s cool that I know where these eggs got laid. And it’s even cooler that I can buy a dozen eggs from happy chickens that are being cared for and lovingly raised by people I know who live in my city. 

When I buy eggs from the store, they all look the same. Same color, same size. But fresh eggs aren’t the same. Out of the dozen that I have for this week, no two are alike. Some are large. Some are small. Others are lighter colored, while a few have dark speckles. One is white. A couple had feathers stuck on them.

And this is the way it should be.

I fried one egg the other night mainly because I wanted to crack it open and see the yolk. The shell seemed harder than those of store-bought eggs, but where I could truly see the difference was in the yolk. It was bright, vibrant, and almost orange; not yellow or dull. The edges of the egg white fried up nicely, and even the egg white seemed to have more flavor than I thought it would. It wasn’t rubbery at all. And I don’t think it was because I made the perfect fried egg (because Lord knows I’m only now trying to figure out how to prepare eggs the best way possible), but I think the egg was so good because it was fresh.

And this morning, I woke up with eggs on the brain, so I decided to make scrambled eggs — Gordon Ramsay style. I hardly ever eat breakfast, which I know isn’t a good thing, but on weekends I like trying my hand at creating breakfast foods. And I had fresh eggs to use. I scrambled them the way Gordon did in his video, and I added some chopped Italian parsley (because I didn’t have chives) and a little salt and pepper. Voilà. Eggs-tra tasty breakfast!

I’ll probably be adding eggs to everything I eat this week. I can’t get over the difference in flavor and color, and I especially can’t wait to pick up another dozen eggs very soon.

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