Learning to Fly

by Lia
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Brandon bought me flying lessons for Christmas, and finally, after months of waiting and cursing the nasty East Tennessee weather, Knoxville was blessed with a gorgeous weekend with highs in the upper 50s and clear, sunny skies. Thanks to the nice change in weather, I was able to schedule my flight lesson at the Knoxville Flight Training Center today!

The Flightplan

Today’s flight — on a Cessna 172SP Skyhawk — took us from the Knoxville Downtown Island Home Airport to the Smoky Mountains (towards Mount LeConte) then back to Knoxville (circling downtown) and the airport.

I earned an hour of flight time this morning and mastered flipping the landing and strobe light switches on and off, advancing the throttle for take off, and flying on autopilot. LOL. But I now have a Gleim Pilot Logbook that my instructor gave to me, complete with details of today’s flight and his signature, which makes it all official.

Brandon got to come with me today, so I made him take lots of photos and videos this morning. Check out a couple of videos below or watch them all on the THINKLIA YouTube channel. You can also hop over to my Flickr page to see some snapshots of today’s flight.

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